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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Latimer Children | Children's Photographer {heather latimer}

I had a crazy day today. On the phone with AT&T for half an hour while my babes destroyed the living room. Jakey hanging on my leg when I try to do anything. I think I have become his new pacifier. Brooklyn asking me at least 14 times to "t-urnnn on Scooby Doo, t-urnnn on Scooby Doo, t-urnnn on Scooby Doo" (you get the picture. I won't actually put you through the torture!). A girl can only take so much! So, I had to shut off the computer for awhile (let's be honest, it wasn't like I was getting anything accomplished anyways!) and get my babies outside.

So many people say to me, "With you being a photographer, you must have so many pictures of your kids." Sadly, no I don't. I just don't have time (or the patience or the energy!) to work with my own kids that much. I figured that I could try to get in a teeny session with them while they played outside. So I dressed them up and out we went. I never expected things to go so well! I'm sure you've heard me complain about how hard Brooklyn is to work with, but I got more great pictures of her than I did of Jake. That is a rare occurence! Actually, I'm not sure it's ever happened before! So, sit back and relax and enjoy my beautiful babies (ok, I know, I'm just a bit biased!).


Don't let the angelic smile fool ya - she can be a real devil when she so chooses!

She shouting the names of all the characters in Hannah Montana here! I love this collage. I may get it for her room.
Ohh, how timeless is this?

Here's my chunky monkey! Don't you just LURVE his dimple???

Anyone who knows Jakey well can hear the sound he is making right now! Anything that excites him get an "Ohhhhh!"

I love a solemn look probably more than a great smile. Look at those eyes - talk about windows to the soul! Oh, and those lips! To die for! Watch out girls!

The last session I had with my babes was actually on Jakey's first birthday. My canvas company was running a special, so we went out with the intent to get a canvas worthy shot to go above the mantel. I didn't want anything posed, and I knew I wanted b&w. Something timeless that really showcased a brother and sister's love for each other.

This one almost made the cut. (Actually, I think it's my next purchase.)
Here's the winner. I just loved how she is holding his hand. To me, (cheese alert here!) it symbolizes her role as a big sister and how she'll always be his guide.
And here's the bad boy in all his glory! A HUGE 30x40 beauty sitting on my mantel as we speak!


Tracy said...

Girl....I love the pictures! They are all great!!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful, I do see Jake's mullet:) Libby

Heather Latimer said...

Ha! I know! That's what I get for laughing at Mason's mullet! I just don't know if I can bring myself to get it cut. Then my baby will look too grown up!

marathonmommy said...

Gorgeous. Your babies are beautiful. I got a bit teary at the pictures of them together. Fantastic. But the close ups are my fav...

Anonymous said...

Two beautiful children,You are so blessed!!


Heather Latimer said...

Thanks Karen! How are your two? I bet Tyler is getting so big now!

Yeah, Denise, I think they're ok lookin', too!! :)

Joy said...

I luv that huge canvas I really need to take the plunge and get a big one of my two on the wall.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with the canvas of your babies!!! The pictures are gorgeous! -Beth Buckner

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