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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

11 Days Old | Murfreesboro Newborn Photography { frogs and faeries }

What a gorgeous new baby girl Adelyn is! And she is welcomed into a home by the sweetest Mom around, a doting father, and a super smart Big Brother who will be teaching her all sorts of new things soon enough!




I knitted this wrap myself, and I was so excited to use it! :)

And, of course, Adelyn's dainty little details:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

GAP Model | Murfreesboro Baby Photographer { frogs and faeries }

Seriously, Brady could be the next GAP model. He is the CUTEST. THING. EVER. Just ask his parents, I couldn't get over how handsome he is. I just kept talking about it then entire session!

I have SO, SO, SO many from this session that I want to share, but I don't have room for them all on the blog, so hop on over to Brady's FaceBook album to see the rest.

Playing with Daddy:




Now, seriously - head on over to FaceBook to check out the rest of Brady's sneak peak!

Ryan | Murfreesboro Baby Photographer { frogs and faeries }

Ryan and his sweet parents have been patiently waiting for this blog preview, and I thank you so much! Ryan was in for his 12 months sessions this past week, and as always, he was the perfect little model. I just love watching "my babies" (as I like to think of them!) grow into fun-loving toddlers. It is an honor to get to capture their milestones every few months. The biggest change I noticed in Ryan this time was how long his hair had gotten! Mom said that it was almost time for his first hair cut, and I'm sure she'll have a lot to use as a keepsake!



I love this next one with his little toes peeking out from behind!

Ryan's formal One Year picture:

Then onto the CAKE!!

I'm outta here:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Heaven's Newest Angel

My heart is breaking as I type this. I know many of you have seen the many, many posts all over FaceBook asking for prayers for the recovery of little Ava Bright. Ava went home to Jesus last night. I was lucky enough to have two sessions this year with Ava - one at 18 months and then again when Ava turned two. She is the spunkiest, cutest little girl ever! I had such wonderful times with her, and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to meet Ava and her sweet parents. Please pray for their peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Ava - you were such a bright light in this world, and now you are looking down on all of us! I will never forget you!

Please Click Here for a Slideshow of Ava Bright

Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby and Family Expo | March 20 - Stones River Mall

Come see me tomorrow at Stones River Mall for the Baby and Family Expo. There will lots of great door prizes including a free session and a 16x20 wall portrait from yours truly!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

7 Days | Murfreesboro Newborn Photographer { frogs and faeries }

Yesterday, I got to meet sweet little Taylor Grace. Taylor made her way into this world just seven short days ago, but she has already made a BIG impact on her family. This little girl is oh, so loved! And it's easy to see why! I love when my newborn parents trust me enough to just let me take over - Mom and Dad even let me feed Taylor! I'll never tired of those sweet sucking sounds that newborns make when they eat. Precious!

Showing us her gorgeous eyes for a bit:

This one makes me giggle!

Taylor was quite fond of her pacifier and a little booty pat. Knocked her right out!



This one makes me smile - looks like Taylor is telling Daddy just how it's going to be for the next 18 years or so!

And, of course, Taylor's Itty Bitty details:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perfect | Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer { frogs and faeries }

Bright and early (well, for me, anyways!) I traveled to Quebeck, Tn (who knew of such a place??) to meet Kayden and her new family. Kayden was a fresh 12 days old and oh, so good to me! I tell my clients that in my experience there are three types of newborns: The Eaters (these babies like to eat A LOT, but during their munchfests, they sleep very soundly), The Fidgeters (these babies take a while to get into a deep sleep and tend to wake very easily. The pacifier is our best friend) and The Unicorns (like the mythical creature, these newborns are rarely seen). Unicorn Newborns are beautiful creatures - they sleep from the beginning to the end of the session without needing to eat, seldom soil my blankets, and let me pose them any way I choose without fuss. Unicorns are a dream to photograph, but there aren't many of them out there.

Baby Kayden is a Unicorn. Most definitely. Notice the variety in set-ups.




I bought these next two baskets specifically with newborn girls in mind.



And what would a newborn post be without the Itty Bitty Parts?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby G is back! | Murfreesboro Baby Photographer { frogs and faeries }

Baby Gentry was back again this weekend for his 9 month session. I find that this is the age that has the most variables. Some babies are already crawling; some are pulling up; and some are even walking already! As a photographer, you never know what you are going to get with a 9 month session.

Gentry was definitely already on the go! He is a FAST crawler! I mean FAST! :) This boy - he's going places in life! :)





On the go.



Thanks, G, for such a great session! See you at 12 months!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pride and Joy | Murfreesboro Children's Photography { frogs and faeries }

My pride and joy - my daughter.

Daddy better start polishing up his shotgun now! :)

My baby is almost 5!

A little sass here! If you're in search of a cute, spunky outfit for your daughter, you need to check out Tiaras and Tadpoles, an awesome children's boutique in McMinnville. Trust me - it is WELL WORTH the drive!

My baby is almost 5!

Just got in a new backdrop that I am smitten with! (and B is in another awesome dress from Tiaras and Tadpoles - she calls it her "ball gown" - how cute!)

My baby is almost 5!

My baby is almost 5!

My baby is almost 5!

My baby is almost 5!

And I will be printing this one HUGE in a big ole gaudy, gilded gold frame! It's going to be splendid!
My baby is almost 5!

Easter Mini Sessions | Tiaras and Tadpoles Children's Boutique | McMinnville, Tennessee

We had so much fun at the Easter mini sessions at Tiaras and Tadpoles in McMinnville. A live bunny even made an appearance!

Little Miss L:



Two of the best-dressed brothers ever!!



The "owner" of the shop :) -



And even though I couldn't convince Mr. G to get out of Mama's lap, we got some great images!