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Friday, July 31, 2009

A couple new sessions | Murfreesboro Children and Family Photography { frogs and faeries }

Here's a couple more sessions from the past week. The first was a quick session to get Mr. Hunter's panel image since we are doing his full one year session outside.

There was a lot of wrangling and a whole lot of this:

After a lot of Goldfish snacking, Hunter stood still for maybe 0.6 seconds!

And of course, we had to get Big Sis in on a couple of shots:

This next session was of a beautiful Mom and her two boys who were quite possibly the most polite and charming young men around! I had a great time trekking around Cannonsburgh with you all!




Scroll down to read about the awesome fine art canvas sale going on for the next three days here at F&F!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Sale - Too good to miss!

This weekend only, my canvas supplier is offering gallery-wrapped canvases at a great discount to me, so I'm passing the savings on to you! You know that one image you've always wanted to order in a fine art canvas, but you just couldn't quite convince hubby on the extra expense? ;) Now, you can own it at a fraction of the price!

Three sizes available:
16x20 - regularly $300 FOR A LIMITED TIME $160
16x24 - regularly $325 FOR A LIMITED TIME $170
20x24 - regularly $345 FOR A LIMITED TIME $180

This amazing offer is only available this weekend. Don't miss out!

"What do I need to do to take advantage of this great sale?" you're asking yourself. It's simple, just email me the image # of the portrait you'd like to purchase and what size you want it in. That easy! Even if your images have expired from the website! All images files are archived, so this sale also applies to older sessions! You can even pre-buy for a future session! Orders must be in by midnight on Saturday, August 1.

Christmas is just around the corner, and what would make a better gift for grandparents than a gorgeous canvas portrait to hang in their home? Or why not take this time to get a present for YOURSELF!! :)

Remember - it's only good this weekend.

And what good is a post without a picture? Here is my gorgeous 40x30 canvas of my babies:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Gentry | Spring Hill Newborn Photography { frogs and faeries }

Saturday, I had a session with Baby Gentry (love the name by the way!) and his awesome parents. Mom and Dad have been waiting on this sweet baby for 13 years! He was definitely worth the wait, and his parents love for him was so very evident.

In Daddy's hands:

Awake for a little while:


Love this one!

Mom and Dad - thank you for inviting me into your home to document this special time for you! I promise the proofs won't be too long from now! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gorgeous Red Head | McMinnville Children's Photography { frogs and faeries }

I've been waiting on this session for a few months now. When I first talked to Mom, and she told me about her red-headed daughter, you know I got excited! This crazy Tennessee weather had other plans for us though, and a session that was supposed to take place in April had to be postponed a couple of times. But, oh, how it was worth the wait! Halle and I got along fabulously, and we even got Dad into singing some Hannah Montana with us!

Mom is the owner of Tiaras and Tadpoles, a children's boutique in McMinnville. I am so excited to partner up with her. Isn't it fitting that Tiaras and Tadpoles goes right along with Frogs and Faeries??!! :) It's fate, I think!

Without anymore babbling by me, here's our cute girl:






I'll be setting up a cute display at Tiara's and Tadpoles, and I think this is the one I'm going to get in a HUGE canvas. I just can't decide whether to do it in color or bw! What do you all think?



Sweet Little Girl | Murfreesboro Newborn Photography { frogs and faeries}

Baby Lexie's parents have been patiently awaiting their blog preview, so I'm gonna hop right to it.

She's gorgeous.



Off to prepare another sneak peak. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mueller-South Preview 1 | Tennessee Wedding Photography { frogs and faeries }

I have so many great, amazing, intense, wonderful images from last weekend's wedding that there is no way I can share enough to tell the story of Megan and Josh's wedding in one blog preview. So, I'm just gonna have to do a few! My awesome assistant, Mary Lauren, took care of most of the detail shots, and then she went to hang out with the guys. I was so relieved when she was returned to me unharmed! ;) Another great job, ML!

The details:


The boys:



The girls:



Megan and Josh and family, thank you again for choosing Frogs and Faeries for your special day! We felt just like family and enjoyed every minute of it!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the wedding and some other sneak peaks from this past week's sessions!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Perfect | Murfreesboro Newborn Photography { frogs and faeries }

Yep, perfect. That's what Landry was tonight! Just perfect. His newborn session was finished in just 1.5 hours! That's record time for me as you all know that most newborn sessions last anywhere from 3-4 hours. He was a little fussy at first, but we swaddled him nice and tight, mom gave him a bottle, and the rest is history!


Peek-a-boo little toes!

A close up:

Big Sis loves her little man!

I haven't had many entrants into the contest as I thought I'd have. Come on, I know you got my work up all over your house. Surely your prints aren't in a shoe box under the bed. :) I'm extending the deadline for pictures of your images (see phone # post below for more details) until midnight Saturday, July 18. Winner will still be drawn on Monday, July 20.

I'll be out of the office from tomorrow until Monday for the Mueller-South wedding. I just know it is going to be a wedding people will be talking about for years to come. Can't wait to share the sneak peak with you all!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ben | Murfreesboro Baby Photographer { frogs and faeries }

Mom has been patiently awaiting this blog post, and I apologize for the delay. My world has been extra, super crazy this week (as opposed to the standard crazy that I live in each day). My sweet, darling, precious leeches, oops, I mean, children have been so clingy this week. Jake has to be touching me to be happy, and Brooklyn never, never, never stops talking. So needless to say, my bosses haven't been allowing me much computer time during the day!

Ben is a big six months now, and so super cute. He wasn't really feeling me too much though. But he did laugh hysterically when Daddy would beat himself over the head with a book. Thanks, Dad! I hope you don't have any bruises. :) I know Mom has been worried if we got any good ones, but I don't think any would could tell that Ben wasn't his normal happy self during his session!


I got to try out my new brown paper with Ben. I really dig it.

Love his smirk here:



Oh, and if you're wondering, Crystal has been found. ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Phone Number | Murfreesboro, Tn Photographer {frogs and faeries}

My sweet, precious, adorable monster, Jakey, ruined my second Blackberry in about as many months. If you remember, last time, he dropped it in the toilet. This time, in the split second it took me to lay my phone on the bathroom counter and turn on his bath water, Jake grabs my phone, turns on the faucet and douses my phone. Ahh, you gotta love him. Right? :)

Long story short, I have a new phone and phone number. If you haven't added your contact information to the Client Database, I have no way of reaching you as I've lost all of my numbers! If you're not in the Client Database, please email a contact number to www.heather@frogsandfaeriesphotography.com.

My new number is 615.809.4688.




It's drawing time! Wanna win a cute gift from F&F?

I want to see MY work in YOUR home! Take pics of how you've displayed your Frogs and Faeries images to decorate your home. Each entrants name will be put into a hat and the always fair Brooklyn will draw out a winner on Friday.

Please email jpeg files to heather@frogsandfaeriesphotography.com by midnight Thursday, July 16th. If you have prints in different areas of your home, you may submit an image of each room!

I'll announce the winner after I return from my sure-to-be awesome wedding in Knoxville on Monday.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glimpse of My Future | Middle Tennessee Children's Photography {frogs and faeries}

That's right. I got a glimpse of my future with this little 5 year old. Boys are sooooooooo different from girls. I already see a lot of that around my house - more climbing, running, vroom-vrooms, etc. I thought maybe since my little man is only 17 months things will cool down in a couple of years. Ha! I don't think so! :) Collin was so full of energy and curiosity. He literally skipped or ran everywhere we went!

A still moment (one of very few!):

Popping out to scare me:

A little jumping action. Great for this age!

Aww . . . one tooth down, a whole lot more to go!

Boys love their Mamas!

Ahh! Finally, that lady with the camera let me get into the water!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fresh | Murfreesboro Newborn Photography {frogs and faeries}

I've been waiting on Brody ever since his Mom and Dad came in for their maternity session a few weeks ago. Brody was delivered about a week early because the doctor thought he was going to be over 10 lbs if he went full term! Brody was born just 4 short days ago weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz. I fell in love with his baby chunkiness immediately.

Mom, Dad, and Nanny were so nice to me, making me feel right at home. They even let me feed Baby Brody! It's been awhile since I've given a baby a bottle, so I was thoroughly enjoying it . . . that is until I felt a super hot trickle falling down my body. Yep, that's right, I got so pee-peed on! Thanks for the loaner shirt, Mom! :)



My sweet teddy bear hat again.

Ooh, look at those sweet chubby rolls!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Product/Session Fee Update

Due to some changes at my printing lab, effective immediately, Scrap Packs will no longer be available. Also, proof books will only be available for purchase with a collection. These changes have been made to the website and will be reflected in all pricing/product materials you receive.

Also, effective immediately, due to the additional time required for newborns, newborn session fees are now $100. Any newborn sessions booked after today will be subject to this fee. If you have already booked a newborn session, you will not be required to pay any additional fee.

Thanks as always for being the best customers around!

Happy 4th!


Brady | Murfreesboro Newborn Photography {frogs and faeries}

Today I met Brady who is all of 11 days old. He was such a gentleman - never peeing or pooping on any of my blankets - not even once! Love him! He's totally rockin' a mullet right now with some gorgeous blond hair that is definitely a lot longer in the back. That's ok, Brady, I've heard that the mullets makin' it's way back. :)

Seriously though, he was such a great baby. With gorgeous parents to boot.





I was so excited to get to use my newest hat. Thanks Michelle! I love it!