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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Certificates | Tennessee Baby and Family Photographer {frogs and faeries}

Struggling on what to get the lady in your life for Mother's Day? How about a session with her kiddos to capture that super special bond that only exists between mother and child? Or if Mom is camera shy, just a session of her most prized possessions? Ever thought of giving your Mom a session with her grandchildren? What a wonderful gift to pass on for years to come!

Gift certificates are available in any amount and come in a beautiful presentation on a 5x5 double sided card.

GC front

GC Back

Only 25 gift certificates available, so hurry before they are all gone!
**hint** Check out the FB page for a hidden Coupon Code!

I can't post with out a picture or two from my Sunday sessions. I have been super busy today getting caught up on orders, phone calls, and emails, that I still have to prepare sneak peaks for my sessions yesterday. I promise I'll have them tomorrow (as well as a couple of sessions uploaded to your galleries!), but I found just enough time to give you a quick sneak peak. :)

Sweet chunky (you know how I love my roly poly babies!) monkey Abby:

Lovely 3 monther, MJ. Mom - thanks for working so hard to get this shot. I think you'll agree with me that it was totally worth all the work!

Be back tomorrow with the rest of your sneak peak!


Wedding | Tennessee Wedding Photographer {frogs and faeries}

I did it! I did it! I made it through my first wedding, and I'm still all in one piece! I was so excited/nervous about Saturday. Those of you that have had sessions with me know what a perfectionist I am, and I wanted to do the best job for this couple while knowing that this would be a great learning experience for me and that I was bound to make a few mistakes. I asked my stepdad who has some background in photography to tag along with me as my assistant. I've gotta say - we'd made a great team! Thank you, Ray!

I can say that we couldn't have asked for a better day! The family was so gracious to us. Even the groomsmen didn't give me any trouble! Everyone was so, so nice, and by the end of the day, we felt like we were part of the family too.

What was the biggest thing I learned from this wedding? Well, there were a few, but right now, the one that stands out the most is - NEVER promise a blog sneak peak the night of the wedding! Man, I was TIRED! My legs ached like I had ran the Music City Marathon and not the Gregory-Morris wedding! :) So, sorry guys that I didn't get them up last night, but here they are now.

Thank you so much for having the confidence in my work to take a chance on a girl with no wedding portfolio! I think I have some great ones to add to it now! I also have to say thanks to the numerous wedding photographers whose sites I scoured daily for inspiration. You guys are amazing!

Getting dressed:

The Details:


Tying the Knot:



The Reception:


Mama was so beautiful as she danced with her son. I know this will be me some day when I have to give Jakey up!



After leaving the reception, we went to a nearby park for some intimate Bride and Groom shots:


Don't they just make you want to get married all over again???

Thanks again, Michelle and John (and family!) for a wonderful day. I am honored to have been your photographer.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Sweet Cheeks | Murfreesboro Newborn Photographer {frogs and faeries}

Meet Miss Allie Grace, one of my best newborns to date! She slept like a champ and only pooped and pee-peed a time or two! She was just divine.

Sweet Cheeks -



I know some may say, "What? Hmm?" when looking at this one, but I just love her sweet hair!

I love how AG is holding her hands here. Sweet!

Mom and Dad are simply in love with their new little girl! They were both so sweet with her, and so good to let me just kind of take over and do my "thang"! :)



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Smokin' . . . | Middle Tennessee Engagement Photography {frogs and faeries}

Last night, I met up with M and J for a smokin' hot engagement session. M and J are getting married in just a few months, and I am honored to be their wedding photographer.

We started out at Walter Hill Dam where J proposed to M. You can see where he carved their initials into the tree early on in their relationship, and then where he carved "Marry Me?" later. How romantic!


The light in these two is just scrumptious! I love the way it just wraps itself around them.

Isn't M just stunning? J - you're one lucky dog!



After a wardrobe change, we headed to downtown Nashville for some urban shots. Man, what a great choice! M did a wonderful job coordinating their outfits, and scenic NashVegas was the perfect setting!




Playing around a little:



J - Here's one for your "Manetarium!"


I think this is one of my favorites from the session! Very high fashion! Project Runway, anyone? ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Xander | Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer {frogs and faeries}

Oh, what a sweet boy! I have been waiting on this little one to arrive as his parents purchased the Mommy and Me package. Click here for the awesome maternity session we had a few weeks back. Xander made his debut a bit early at 37 weeks, but weighed in at 8 lbs! He is one gorgeous baby. Lots of hair - even some still on his back and shoulders! He was also very well behaved - only peeing on me once! I'll take that any day over poo. :)

Again, this is a HUGE showcase! I just couldn't narrow it down any further. Mom and Dad were so nice to let me try anything I wanted with Xander, and I was able to capture such a variety of images. I had bought several new props with this session in mind, and they definitely did not disappoint!

After I left Xander's, I headed on over to Providence MarketPlace to browse around in JoAnn's and Home Goods. Mom - I found you the cutest little gift there! I can't wait to give it to you. When I saw it, I knew that I just couldn't resist! Here's one hint - it totally matches your dining room! :)

Sweet, sweet boy . . .


Oh, how I love this blanket!

One of the new props:

and another one:





Dad is a coach at Mt. Juliet High School and brought all of these cool helmets. I think Xander would have been content to sleep all day in one!

I knitted this pouch in hopes of hanging Baby Xander in it, but I made the pouch part too deep. Even though it didn't turn out quite how I had planned, I just love the texture of the pouch against his soft skin. For any of you that really know me, you're probably in shock right now (especially my Mom!) I even sewed on that button all by myself, Mama! While I was at JoAnn's I bought some new yarn to make another one for my next newborn session on Friday. Can't wait to try again!


And I just had to post one of Mom and Dad's first baby:

I hope you all enjoyed these as much as I did! Mom and Dad, I can't wait for you to see them all!

For those of you that have sessions completed and in the editing stage, it won't be long now. I have my first wedding(!) on Saturday, so I'm going to work really hard to get all of my current session proofed before then.

Have a great night everyone!