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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Beauty | Murfreesboro Baby Photography { frogs and faeries }

I know you all will recognize this gorgeous baby. Reygan has been coming to see me since she was six weeks old, and I swear, she just keeps getting prettier. Like that's even possible! We met at Old Fort Park at noon 'cause I was up for a full sun challenge. Daddy was such a great assistant at holding my reflector to shade our girl. I am in love with so many images from this session. Mom and Dad - I can't wait for you to see them all!

Told 'ya - GORGEOUS!

Ahh, I heart this one!





This one is by far one of my favorite images EVER! I love every single little thing about it! How Reygan is holding her little hands, gazing off into the distance . . . and the too, too, too sweet pout on her face!



Kristen said...

Wow, I love them all! Great job!

Anonymous said...

These are so good!! And we FINALLY got one of her smiling big! I can't wait to see the rest!

Dana Jackson said...

Again, just blown away. Heather these are BEAUTIFUL!!! I kept trying to pick a favorite - but I can't - I love them all, but for different reasons. I know the parents must be thrilled.

Tina Ramirez said...

How cute is she! Her eyes are sooo pretty!

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