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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Miller Family | Murfreesboro Family Photography { frogs and faeries }

This session has been a work in the making. Originally, we were scheduled for the end of September, but since bad weather was threatening, we decided to reschedule for the first of October. It's a good thing that we rescheduled b/c the day of their session, my son fell (jumped - who knows!) off the back of the couch and had to get stitches! The second scheduled date was completely rained out, and we had to postpone until mid-November. I was a little nervous that the weather wouldn't hold out for us, but we were pleasantly surprised. I don't think we could have asked for a nicer day!

Or a nicer family! The kiddos were super well behaved, and Mom and Dad were so much fun!

What a good looking family!

I have to take a second to applaud all of my clients here lately who have done an excellent job in the wardrobe department. I love all of the hats, scarves, accessories, etc. that you are adding to your outfits. It's really the small things that make the most impact!

Kasen was one of the best well behaved toddlers I have had in quite a while!

And big Sis Kennady is gorgeous!!






Anonymous said...

These turned out so great! What a good fall feel to them and these kids are naturals...

Joy said...

I was just scrolling thru your posts and came to this one. Not sure how I missed it but I did. I know the mom or well use to know her, it has been a while. We went to high school together:)

Her pics turned out great!

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