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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pride and Joy | Murfreesboro Children's Photography { frogs and faeries }

My pride and joy - my daughter.

Daddy better start polishing up his shotgun now! :)

My baby is almost 5!

A little sass here! If you're in search of a cute, spunky outfit for your daughter, you need to check out Tiaras and Tadpoles, an awesome children's boutique in McMinnville. Trust me - it is WELL WORTH the drive!

My baby is almost 5!

Just got in a new backdrop that I am smitten with! (and B is in another awesome dress from Tiaras and Tadpoles - she calls it her "ball gown" - how cute!)

My baby is almost 5!

My baby is almost 5!

My baby is almost 5!

My baby is almost 5!

And I will be printing this one HUGE in a big ole gaudy, gilded gold frame! It's going to be splendid!
My baby is almost 5!


Joy said...

OMG and you say you never get good ones of your own kids! Miss B looks gorgeous in these pics I could see all of them blown up to a huge size!

Leandra said...

What a lucky mommy you are to have such a cooperative and gorgeous model to play with. She is absolutely stunning.

Amanda Parks said...

Heather she is just breathtaking!! WOW, so gorgeous, like her mom :) I love these.. I need to be on your consignment list when B outgrows her clothes, so i can buy them :) love them!!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and did an AMAZING job especially for being a photogs kid. Soooo unfair :)

megan said...

Love these! Wish my boys were so cooperative.

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Jill Hardy said...

these are great, i can't rave about them enough, she is absolutely GORGEOUS, beautiful work!

kharner said...


Danielle said...

How adorable your daughter is!! Great job on these!

Heather Latimer said...

Thanks, everyone! She is gorgeous to me, and I am beyond thrilled that I was about to convey this through these images!

Anonymous said...

NO other word but beautiful!!!

love you all, Denise

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