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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perfect | Middle Tennessee Newborn Photographer { frogs and faeries }

Bright and early (well, for me, anyways!) I traveled to Quebeck, Tn (who knew of such a place??) to meet Kayden and her new family. Kayden was a fresh 12 days old and oh, so good to me! I tell my clients that in my experience there are three types of newborns: The Eaters (these babies like to eat A LOT, but during their munchfests, they sleep very soundly), The Fidgeters (these babies take a while to get into a deep sleep and tend to wake very easily. The pacifier is our best friend) and The Unicorns (like the mythical creature, these newborns are rarely seen). Unicorn Newborns are beautiful creatures - they sleep from the beginning to the end of the session without needing to eat, seldom soil my blankets, and let me pose them any way I choose without fuss. Unicorns are a dream to photograph, but there aren't many of them out there.

Baby Kayden is a Unicorn. Most definitely. Notice the variety in set-ups.




I bought these next two baskets specifically with newborn girls in mind.



And what would a newborn post be without the Itty Bitty Parts?


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha your descriptions are hilarious. Still loving that purple blanket. She is gorgeous and your pics... amazing. Are you tired of hearing me say that yet ????

Heather Latimer said...

Thank you, Leila! And, no, I never tire of hearing how awesome I am. :) (said as a complete joke, of course!)

Laurie Sachs Photography said...

What a gorgeous baby! These are all amazing!!!

Leandra said...

Gorgeous set. WOW- she really let you play, what a sweet cooperative baby.

Janice said...

Beautiful! Wonderful variety and what a sweet smile!

Julia Wade said...

beautiful heather!! you definitely have the touch!!

Tiffany-rfp studio said...

Wow....another gorgeous babe! Love them!

Cherron McDonald said...

Unicorn indeed! These are gorgeous, especially the first one.

Follow Your Art Photography said...

Oh the smile in the basket...precious!

Kirsten said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful

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