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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greer | Murfreesboro Newborn Photography { frogs and faeries }

Meet Baby Greer. What a gorgeous newborn - and super sweet to boot! Greer was the easiest little thing to pose. He didn't mind at all that I kept messing with him every few minutes. :)





Greer's Itty Bitty Parts (just look at those yummy, smooshy lips!):

And if this next one doesn't make you want another baby, I don't know if anything will!

I try to do this shot at every session, and it never disappoints! I hope you all aren't tired of it yet b/c I LOVE it! :)

Mom and Dad - thank you for having me into your home! I can't wait to show you the whole gallery!


marathonmommy said...

not tired of that pose at all! LOVE IT! He's delish, by the way.

Holly said...

The second one is sooooo cute! I love it. One with him holding his foot is too cute as well! You have done it again :)

Julie said...

Awesome macro shots and I LOVE that last one!! Great job!

Generation Girls said...

Your photos are wonderful. Creative and full of story. We enjoyed looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Never tire of babies in daddy's hands, that is the best! He is beautiful as are your photos.

Laurie Sachs Photography said...

What gorgeous pictures!!! I love them all.

Ellen Dykstra said...

Gorgeous- each and every one. And I could never get tired of the last pose- I'm a sucker for babies in daddy's hands!

Tiffany-rfp studio said...

Love them. So sweet!

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