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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's back! | Nashville Child Photography {frogs and faeries}

Along with spring comes the green chair! He's back in all his glory! Over the winter, I was also able to adopt rose and light blue siblings for him, so be on the lookout for those as well!


Miss Emily and her mom met up with me at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens this afternoon. If you're not familiar with Cheekwood, it is museum and park located in Belle Meade. It is an awesome place this time of year for portraits.

We met up for Emily's 2 year portraits. This age can be very tricky. You definitely never know what to expect, and I usually get a good work-out! I could not have asked for a better toddler! Emily was so much fun - no diva moments at all! Thanks, Emily!

This little girl is a looker. I can just see Daddy now, sitting on the front porch cleaning his shotgun to scare away all of the boys that are going to have crushes on Emily! At least you have a few more years, Daddy!

I left this session sweaty, grass-stained, and thirsty, but all in a day's work, right? :) I have so, so many images that I want to share with everyone that I'm going to have to split them b/t here and FaceBook. So, hop on over for another sneak peak from this session!

Emily loved the wah-wah:



One of my many favs!

A model in the making:

LOVE this one!

What a way to end the day:


Tracy said...

I love the photos. Emily is such a cutie. I would like to take Audrey back to cheekwood again for a photo shoot. Great job!!!

Lindsay said...

What a fantastic location! I love the green chair! She is adorable!

Becky Phelps said...

Emily is my boss's granddaughter and I love it when she comes in to see her granddaddy. She has to make her rounds of the office to see everyone. She is just too cute!!! Great pictures!

Elizabeth said...

These are awesome! Not too hard to do with Emily. She is adorable and her Mom is wonderful!!

Leila said...

These turned out soooo good! She is the best 2 year old ever! Love the one posing on the wall. I am glad I am not the only photographer with an ever growing collection of props :)I had to clear out a space in the garage b/c my prop closet was full..

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