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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little Ladybug | Tennessee Newborn Photography {frogs and faeries}

Meet sweet MK, her Mama's little ladybug. I traveled to Clarksville this morning for Baby MK's newborn session. She was born just 7 short days ago. Talk about a great baby. She only cried out a few times, but that's nothing that her paci wouldn't fix! Mom and Dad are such nice folks, and it was very evident that MK is the light of their lives. Thank you for inviting me into your home and choosing me to document this special time for you.

Mom - Happy First Mother's Day!


Super-comfy in the hammock:

I'll be honest - this one makes my almost non-existent baby fever flare up! Love that she is holding onto Daddy's finger!


Mom's grandmother made this bonnet in hopes of MK's arrival someday! Isn't it beautiful?


MK has the squishiest cheeks and lips that put Angelina Jolie to shame! Anyone remember that part in Finding Nemo where Dori sees the little jellyfish and says, "And I shall name you Squishy." (or something along those lines?) That's my new name for you, MK - Squishy. :)


And to all mothers out there - Happy Mother's Day! Take it easy and let the kiddos take care of you on Sunday! :)



Leila said...

These are all sooo beautiful. You really did an amazing job and the baby, precious. Your hammock looks really good too! Love, love, love this session.

marathonmommy said...

These are simply amazing. And on location too!!! Wow. I love the hammock and am wondering if you made it...great job.

Heather Latimer said...


Ha, Karen! I learned pretty soon after Tyler's session that newborn are so much sleepier in their own home! All my newborn sessions are in the client's home now. :)

And, yes, I made the hammock. Thanks! You'd think that I am talented, but I just use the Nifty Knitter looms. Brooklyn could probably have made it! :)

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought your pictures couldn't get any better!!!!You are the Best!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You did such a wonderful job. Baby Maggie is my newest second cousin and I haven't been able to meet her until now! These are precious and will be treasured by all of us for years to come!

Sherry and Jonathan said...

Her great-aunt Sherry and cousin Jonathan says congratulations!!! And a very Happy Mother's Day to mom!

melissa said...

Fabulous job with the hammock!! They're all beautiful, but I do especially love that one!

chasity morrison said...

Maggie is great and you did a great job. The Morrison's in Boone NC

Photography By Alyssa said...

These are all stunning, I am glad I am not the one choosing. Very nicely done..

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