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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brother and Sister | Murfreesboro Children's Photography {frogs and faeries}

You know - I learn something new every session that I have. This time of year, it typically has something to do with wildlife. For example, I've learned that snakes hang out in the tops of trees in Middle Tn (I thought that was only something that happened on the Discovery Channel), about the existence of stingweed, and tonight, I learned that rats are good swimmers. That's right, I said RAT. There was a big ole rodent taking a swim in the creek tonight. Just waiting to meet up with snake I encountered there last year!

Anyhoo, we braved the animal population tonight for a super fun session. Baby Billy and his big sister Kayley (there are so many ways to spell Kaylie that I'm sure I got it wrong!) are two gorgeous kiddos. I've known both of these sweeties for a while since Brooklyn used to go to daycare with Billy. He was so cute - he kept patting the ground next to him for me to come take a seat! :) Kayleigh (see what I mean about tons of ways to spell Kailey?) is so very pretty, and she definitely loved to pose! :)

I think I would pay just about anything to have this exact image of my two babies. I am so glad to have captured this moment for you, Mom and Dad!

See - definitely a poser! :)

Love the tongue here:


This one makes me smile:

WOW. What else can I say?


She's a daddy's girl.


Anonymous said...

The first one perfection! That is like greeting card material. Having a boy and a girl as well, priceless moment. Made me a little weepy:) The colors in that 2nd to last one, awesome. They are all wonderful, so really hard to pic faves. You are going to be booked solid if you keep posting such wonderful work every session.

Anonymous said...

I agree Heather, you are good! I love love love them and can't wait to see more! Don't know if I can make it for 10 more days but I guess I'll have to. ;) Thank you again. Laura Cox, the mommy.

Cherron McDonald said...

These are GORGEOUS!

The first is just so sweet. I bet mom will want it printed HUGE!

Melissa said...

These are all fabulous but that first one is just AMAZING! Perfection in every way!!!

Sweet Fields Blog said...

GASP!! Heather, these are PERFECTION! That first shot is just amazing, beautiful moment. And how gorgeous are these kids?!

Aubrey said...

These are beautiful! I LOVE the 1st one..I'm sure mom will too!! The close up of the little girl is perfect...just stunning!!

Gabensysmom said...

Gorgeous!! Love this set, great job!

Stephanie Bowling said...

These are beautiful!

Melinda Dillman said...

Gorgeous!! That first one is just precious! Perfect capture!

Keri said...

Beautiful!!! I just love the first one...that should be a huge canvas!! Gorgeous work!

Ketti Photography said...

That first shot = WOW
I would love to have that of my kids, too!
They are all fabulous, and such gorgeous kids!

jaimiers said...

Oh wow! Amazing work! These are just perfectly gorgeous! That first shot is to die for!

Dana Jackson said...

The parents are going to go NUTS for these pictures - they could all be HUGE wall portraits! Beautiful work.

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