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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brylee and Jake

This morning, my friend, Denise, stopped by to drop off a cool lavender wrought iron chair she found for me. We decided to take a few pics of her sweet girl, Brylee, in one of the pettis while she was here. You can see the chair in the first pic. While she was here, I had her act silly while I took a few pics of Jake. I can't begin to tell you how hard it is to make your kiddo laugh and snap the shutter at the same time! So, here you go, Denise. You can stop checking the blog every ten minutes now! Thanks for the chair and making Jake crack up!

Look at all that red hair!

He's totally laughing at Denise right here!


Erica C said...

I cannot believe how much Brylee and Jake are growing! It's so great that you guys can document their changes like this!

marathonmommy said...

OMG!!! My how that boy has grown! We MUST seriously get together. I want some new "Heather love" pics of my little man!!!

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