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Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Tiniest Newborn Yet!

Today, I got to photograph my tiniest newborn yet. He has almost made it back up to six pounds! He was so precious! He came wide awake and very alert, but after a feeding and getting cozy in one of my cocoons, he was out! We got some great sleepy baby shots, which you all know are my favorite! I can't wait to watch him grow. Mom and Dad (and Granny!) - here is your teaser! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

This one's for you, Daddy!


Heather said...

I love what I am seeing so far...can't wait to see how the rest of the pictures come out. I truly love the Mr. C & Daddy pic (the last one)!!! Thanks for everything; you have been amazing to work with...and I appreciate your patience with our little guy. Can't wait to hear from you...and see the rest of the pics!!! :)

Anonymous said...

These are precious! Of course, Grandma thinks the subject matter makes all the difference! It was great meeting you yesterday. You are very creative and patient. Thanks for the tease and we can't wait to see more. Dee Anne Blair

Anonymous said...

What darling photos of a darling Babe. I know I can't be biased just because I'm Great-Grandma Hornback. The proof is right there, in the pictures. There are more to come? I can't wait!

Ben, Kristen, and Silas said...

Pretty much the cutest baby ever!

Tracy said...

Wow!!! I totally love the father and son photo at the end. I'm sure the family will love those pictures. What a beautiful baby.

I gave April your website, I hope she contacts you because Will is small enough to get those shots.

Jeannie Nicholson said...

Now I'm even MORE excited to come with mom and dad and baby Noah after seeing these fabulous pictures of your littlest one photographed.

My favorite is the one with little man on the white fur rug.

He's adorable.

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