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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A day at the park with my kiddos!

This morning, I decided to take my kiddos to the park. I have been consciously trying to spend more quality time (sans laptop!) with them. Tomorrow, I think we will head to the library. Brooklyn is so excited to take her Tinkerbell backpack and "put some books in it." How cute!

I know that I must be biased, but I just think Jake is perfect. He is the best baby I have ever been around and extremely cute to boot! I keep wondering when the ball is gonna drop. Maybe his teenage years?
Compared to Brooklyn, he is so easy to photograph.

Look at him. 7 1/2 months old and already standing - which, by the way, he has been doing for over a month and a half now! My itty bitty baby is growing up so fast.
I cannot describe to you how excited Brooklyn is about these rainboots. She spotted them in a clearance rack at Target and almost jumped out of the buggy to get them! She loves them so much that when we got home, she put them in the shower with her to clean them off!
I tried a different kind of processing here than what I normally do. Bright and more colorful. What do ya think?
You all tell me that you like seeing my babies on here, so I thought you might also want to learn a little more about me. I saw this on another photographer's blog, and thought it looked like fun.
I am . . .
I am . . . an extremely busy work-at-home mom trying to balance it all.
I was . . . really getting back in shape before Baby Jake came along.
I want . . . to get back in shape!
I have . . . two amazing, beautiful children and a great husband who is learning to help around the house!
I keep . . . allergy medicine on hand because I am allergic to our kitten, Daisybell Cinderella Mermaid. Guess who named her????
I wish . . . I could keep my house clean!
I hate . . . aluminum foil. It makes my skin crawl.
I fear . . . rinky-dink carnival rides, although I love the food.
I hear . . . Bon Jovi on the radio and get really excited.
I don’t think . . . gas prices should be anywhere near this high.
I regret . . . not giving medical school a try. I will always wonder if I could have made the cut.
I love . . . to read. I can read anywhere, anytime, anything!
I am not . . . organized, but I am trying to get better!
I dance . . . I don’t dance. Just ask my husband. He gets so mad at me!
I sing . . . all the time, especially to fussy babies to get them to smile. I don’t know why it works because I am awful!
I never . . . drink coffee. Just don’t like the stuff.
I rarely . . . dust. It doesn’t make sense to me. You’re just knocking something up into the air to come right back down and land on the thing you knocked it off of in the first place. :)
I don’t . . . always wear make-up. This is somewhat related to my philosophy on dusting. Why put on make-up when it is just going to melt off half way through the day?
I am always . . . on time. I’d rather wait on someone than have them wait on me.
I hate . . . that I am scared to ride a bike. The saying that you never forget how to ride is not quite true!
I'm confused about . . . why some people always try to take advantage of others. Just be thankful for what you have.
I need . . . to be editing pictures right now!
I should . . . give the first person that responds to this post a gift! He, he, he! Let’s see who's made it this far!
I hope . . . everyone has enjoyed reading this and has learned a little more about their favorite photographer! :)


Lisa said...

I loved learning more about my new photographer!

Heather Latimer said...

Lisa (Krotulski, right?) -
You're the first person to respond! Congratulations! I think your gift will be a 5x5 mounted picture with an easel! You can choose the image of your choice from your session.

See guys! It pays to leave comments. You never know when I might just give something away!

Joy said...

Dang I am not number 1:)

I knew we should be bff I hate to dust also, can you please explain it to hubs because he says I am just lazy.

Although I do love me some coffee especially now that the mornings are getting chilly.

Oh I rarely wear makeup unless I really need to look good then it is a must, but most days it is just me and the kiddos and they could care less.

Sara said...

You are so right about Jake. When Rob brought him to Tommy's party, he was so good. Even at 11 o'clock at night! He smiled the whole time. I couldn't resist pinching his cheeks a few hundred times! I miss those days w/ my boys :(

Lisa said...

Thank you for the gift Heather!

Heather Latimer said...

Joy - a day late and a dollar short. That the story of your life? :) I ABHOR (good word choice, huh?) dusting. If you ever come to my house, don't look at things too closely. Actually, my home would probably be a totally different color if I dusted!

Sarah - I know, I love his cheeks too. I could just bite 'em! You're not having baby #3 fever yet? :)

Anonymous said...

Heather, I love the bright processing! The colors just POP off the page :)

Stefanie N

Elizabeth said...

I cannot believe Jake standing up!! He looks like hes a year old. Mason still isnt even crawling yet. We need to get our red heads together.
Love all the pictures! The top one of Brooklyn and Jake together is adorable.

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