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Friday, October 16, 2009

Addie | Murfreesboro Newborn Photography { frogs and faeries }

I'll keep this short and sweet b/c I have three more sneak peaks to get up today, but Addie quite possibly has the prettiest lips I have ever seen on a baby! She is gorgeous! We originally tried to do her session at the studio on Friday night, but Addie was having NONE of it! So, we threw in the white flag and reschedule for Sunday on her own turf. What a world of difference it made! Addie slept the whole session and let me get all kinds of sweet shots!

She seriously can give Angelina Jolie a run for her money with those lips!

I'll be honest - this image right here makes me want to open up the baby factory again! Ohhh, it makes me crazy enough to go for #3! (I'm sure my Mother-in-law is having a heart attack right now, but MiMi - don't worry, I'm not quite that insane!).

My new wrap - love it!

Addie has two incredible parents whose love for her is amazing!



Anonymous said...

OH you two look so happy with your beautiful little girl!!!! you should be so proud!!! I know you are!!!

Anonymous said...

She is too gorgeous!

Dana Jackson said...

Love the storyboard - perfect way to show how loved she is! I love, love that first image!

Anonymous said...

Donna, just saw the baby pictures. She is beautiful. I miss my grandbabies when they were little. Its not as much fun now. Just cost a lot more money.. Love ya, Tricia

Summer said...

What a sweet little baby! Beautiful!

Vicki Peach Akers said...

Addie is absolutely adorable!

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