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Friday, October 16, 2009

Wilson Family | Murfreesboro Family Photographer { frogs and faeries }

I met up with the Wilson Family on Sunday. I've known Dad for a long time - since sometime in middle school! I can even remember a science fair project we did together that involved white mice! What's even worse than that? I kept one as a pet! Ahh!

Nate and Lori have two sweet gorgeous daughters. D1 is two and a half and D2 just turned one. Mom dressed both girls perfectly in Matilda Jane dresses and then tutus and leg warmers later in the session! Mom also brought an old distressed couch to the session. She so gets it! :)

I knew leaving this session that I would be blogging more than the normal amount. With two gorgeous girls, awesome clothes, and cool props, how could I not?

P was quite possibly the happiest one year old I have ever photographed! She was so good!




Big Sis C is just stunning!
I think this is my favorite of her!

C loved my umbrella! Have you gotten her one yet, Mom? :)


We also got some fun family images:

Thanks to my fellow photographer in NC Dana Jackson for the inspiration for this pose!
Thank you, Dana, for this awesome pose!


Lori Danelle said...

Just off this preview I have no idea how we're ever going to narrow it down! Beautiful!!! Thank you so much!

(and no, no umbrella yet. Busy week & I was depending on the 2 year old "out of sight, out of mind" to get me through her umbrella love)

Anonymous said...

A client that brought her own couch, I am sooo jealous! These are so great. Love the umbrella shot and the white chair, and of course the feet, adorable!

Christine said...

Absolutely love the texture in the first one and the second to last one is awesome too! Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Dana Jackson said...

Beautiful girls! I love the processing - love the umbrella! I love that she brought a couch - how fun!!!!

Gabensysmom said...

So gorgeous!!! You totally rocked this session, the colors are amazing!!

Megan said...

Their outfits are awesome! Nice job.

Lindsay said...

these are gorgeous!!! love them!

Stephanie Bowling said...

Wow! these are breathtaking!!! Awesome work!!!

Summer said...

Look at how awesome their outfits are! YAY! These just scream beautiful fall! Great job!

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