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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two | Murfreesboro Children's Photography { frogs and faeries }

Meet Gage - an on-the-go (almost) two year old. It was fun to watch Gage b/c he and Jake are almost the same age. It's fun to watch the similarities that are present in all little boys - the NEED to run everywhere, the obsession with trucks and tractors, and last, but not least, their unconditional love for their mothers.

Gage was all of these things. He's fast! And totally obsessed with tractors (good thing we went to Cannonsburgh!) and completely attached to Mom.


Looking at Mom here:

At work on a tractor:

I LOVE this one!


Keri said...

These are gorgeous! Such a handsome little guy! You did a great job capturing the essence of a 2-year-old boy!

Julie said...

I LOVE these!! He is such a handsome little boy! GREAT JOB!!!

Anonymous said...

aww how cute is he and his blond hair!

Janice said...

What a cutie! These are great captures Heather!

jaimiers said...

These are fantastic! I love his eyes! How perfect that you caught him working on the tractor! :)

Summer said...

What a fun little guy, looks like you captured him perfectly!

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