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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beach pics!

Last night, we gathered everyone up and made the trip down to the beach for some family pics and then a photo shoot with Brooklyn. I think it went really well. The guys tried to give Belinda and me a hard time, but we gave it right back to them!! Brooklyn actually did really good. We only had to bribe her with: swimming in the pool at night and a Princess umbrella she saw at Claires. :)

Brooklyn and her DudDud looking at the waves.

Ok, so sometimes this is as good as you can get with a 3 year old and a 4 month old. When I have more time, I think I'll try to swap Brooklyn's head with one where she is smiling too.
Jake - after the photo shoot!

All I can say here is WOW! I think this is my favorite. I hear a huge canvas calling my name!!!

I really like this one too. I did a vintage feel on it, and I think it suits the picure. Look at her tan lines! She got them despite her daddy's aggressive spraying (and respraying!) with sunblock! :)

We finally figured out how to get B to smile at the camera: tell her NOT to smile! Man, she has too much of her mama in her!


Tracy said...

Girl...the pictures are AMAZING. The one you said "wow" too...yes it is for sure a big WOW. I am so jealous. I wish you could take pictures like that of Audrey at the beach. When you order your pictures...remember I need to update my wallet, lol. Anyways, I hope your have a great trip. Talk to you soon.

Love you...

marathonmommy said...

absolutely gorgeous! I want to see some with you in them too before you get home! They are awesome. You are doing great! You're a pro at beach shots already!!!


Joy said...

OMG these pictures are great. I am a fellow blogger but found your add in The Saving Book.

Your kids are adorable and I am off to read more.

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