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Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Other Man

So, I finally found time to take Jake's 3 months pictures. Well, does it count as three months if he was like 5 days away from being four months? :) I wish I would have gotten more smiles, but when you're the mom and the photographer, you take what you can get!! The last one with the smile and spit bubbles is SO him right now! We are getting daily spit baths from him. I think he is teething. :( I don't want my little man growing up so fast! Isn't he just precious, though? I think he could totally play an angel baby in a movie or on a greeting card!

Look at that dimple!


marathonmommy said...

awww. he's gorgeous! he just gets more adorable every day! Gotta love spit, huh? pics are amazing, as usual!

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