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Monday, June 9, 2008

Two More Cuties!

Boy, this contest is really taking off! Over 200 votes already! Keep 'em coming! Right now, Jayse is in the lead, with Austin in second place, and Serik and Austin in third.

I have two more kiddos to add to the contest. I do have to stop at some point (!), so the contest is now closed to new entrants. Sorry!

To make things easier, I have created a new poll with all contestants located at the end of the post with the first 16 contestants. Don't worry, you didn't lose your previous votes! At the end of the contest, I will add these votes on to each contestants final count.

Here they are:

19.) Logan H.

20. Adryan


Kimberly said...

hi! i am logan's mom. he is entered in the contest. but i'm crazy and didn't even notice you are in TN. i am in GA!! so, if he wins is it ok to give the prize to someone else? well, the fair thing to do is to take his picture down. sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for entering him so late.

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