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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love is in the Air | Middle Tennessee Engagement Photography {frogs and faeries}

Last night, I met up with a fun couple who are getting married in less than a week! We've had their wedding booked for months, but haven't been able to hook up for their engagement session until now. We had such a good time trecking through the woods - we even saw a snake fall out of a tree! Ugh! Battling caterpillars and flying bugs, we found some really great spots. I'll apologize in advance because this is a LARGE showcase! I just love them so much that I had to share them all with you.

I am so excited to be photographing J and M's wedding on Saturday. Can't wait, guys!

Love is in the air . . .











10x20 sweet beginnings storyboard

Now, I'm off to prepare my newborn sneak peak from my session this morning. Can't wait to show them off! This sweet baby's parents were up for anything, and I got to try so many new things!


Debbra said...

WoW!!! That first one is very creative!!!! Amazing!

Brandi said...

Stunning couple! You can really feel their love through your photos!

Dana Jackson said...

I to loved the first one! Cute, cute, cute! I also love the kissing silhouette - I can see that one printed BIG!!! Of course - I love the LIFE captured in the storyboard - perfection. What a beautiful couple!

lindsay said...

i love the one with her pants rolled up! too cute!

Tina Ramirez said...

What an awesome couple and some amazing photos. They must be so pumped to have you as their wedding photographer.

Laurie said...

These are all so sweet, fantastic job!

jaimiers said...

Great shots!! That first one is really neat! I also love, love, love number 5. The storyboard is super cute, too! I love the personality you captured!

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