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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aghhhhhhhhh! Talk about a disaster!

A website disaster that is!

I stayed up late, late, late last night editing the newest version of my website complete with a new shopping cart! I got galleries updated with new images. It was looking great!

Fast forward to this morning - I email my website designer to let them know I'm ready to go live with the updated site. Great!

As most of you may have already seen - I don't have a website! Ok, well, I do, but it's not mine! It's the generic template that I updated to! Somehow all of my hard work and changes did not get saved, so now I'm starting all over from scratch! Ugh!

So, please be patient with me. I promise to have the site back up by tonight! *keeping fingers crossed here*


I've been working on this crazy site for a couple of hours now, and I think either my head is going to explode, or my eyes are going to pop out! But I have learned quite a few new things in the process - most importantly how to fully customize my site! So, (like I didn't need another thing on my plate!) I've decided to fully redesign the website to incorportate my style a little more. Be on the look out for a totally new face of Frogs and Faeries! I hope to have the majority of things completed by the weekend!

Thanks to everyone who has either called or emailed to tell me about wacky things going on with my website. I really appreciate the your feedback.

I believe I've gotten the mechanics of everything fixed. I need to reupload some galleries (Guimbellot, Geary, Dwyer, Stemmer, Bohannon) that weren't set to be archived yet. If there is anyone that would like to purchase additional images, but your gallery has expired, please let me know ASAP, and I'll rehost your gallery free of charge while I'm in there!

I definitely have some "artsy" work left to do. Get a nice background, a new splash page image, get the colors nailed down, etc. Please don't hold it against me for the next few day!

Thanks again for all of your understanding!



Abby Gray said...

Good luck! Web design makes me want to go hide in a hole and cry! :)

Heather Latimer said...

Oh, I know! I need like 5 Tylenol to combat this headache!

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