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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Disaster - Part 2

So, like I said, I've just about got the mechanics of my new website worked out. I still need to install the shopping cart options and finish uploading lost galleries (Stemmer, Geary, Sloan, Bohannon - your's are up!). I'm just waiting on the designer to finish my splash page, and hopefully I'll figure out how to customize the blog here to coordinate with the site.

I know you all know the old saying, "when it rains, it pours" right?

Well, I'm living proof of it this week.

Just a few minutes ago, I was giving Brooklyn and Jake a bath (when all else fails, and I'm about to pull my hair out piece by piece, I resort to the bath. Let's them splash and gives me time to relax by playing BrickBreaker on my Blackberry. OK, I'll be honest, sometimes my kids get 2 or 3 baths a day!). I usually get Jake out first and dry him off while Brooklyn swims around until the water drains out. Tonight was no different . . .

except . . .

I gave Jake my phone to keep him occupied while I got B out. I know you all with children will appreciate this, and those of you without will probably get a little grossed out, but Jake has a facination with toilets right now. (can you see where this is heading?) He especially likes to play in the bowl. As I'm about to grab Brooklyn, I turn around to see Jake playing, once again, in the toilet. "Noooo!" I shout as I run over to dry his hands off. And what do I see? My Blackberry resting at the bottom of the toilet bowl (granted it was clean water!). Screen is completely black - no juice at all.

I immediately took it apart and dried it off, but as of right now it is DOA. I'm so sad! This phone is my connection to everything! As a lot of you have seen, I reply to emails throughout the day using my phone. I have insurance, but does it cover a 13 month old dropping it in the toilet? I don't know.

So let's keep our fingers crossed that it will just dry out and miracuously fix itself. If you need to get in touch with me, please use the home phone (867-0189) or email (heather@frogsandfaeriesphotography.com).

And, as many of you know, my father-in-law has been in and out of ICU for the past 4 months due to a brain tumor that was found around Thanksgiving. He has been in a coma like state for the past 3 weeks, and tomorrow my husband and his brother have a meeting with his doctors and may have to make the difficult decision that no one should ever have to make. Please pray with us for God's hand in a medical miracle, or for God's strength and peace as our family says goodbye.



My phone is working! My hubby took the blow dryer to it, and after about 10 minutes, it was like new! Thank goodness!

Thank you to everyone that has called/emailed asking about my father-in-law. I appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers.

My husband and brother-in-law made the decision to remove the respirator from my father-in-law yesterday. It was a very scary moment because we didn't know if he could breathe on his own without it. Almost immediately, his O2 stats were at 100%! And he was trying to talk us! We are by no means out of the woods yet, though. At this point, it is crucial that he continues to swallow and cough on his own so that he doesn't develop pneumonia. At the end of the night last night, his nurse asked him to hold up two fingers, and you know what - he did! That was a great relief to know that he could do that. So, please continue to pray for him!



Elizabeth said...

What is it with the toilet? Mason is obsessed with it also.
I have heard that putting your phone in a bag of rice helps dry it out.
That is so sad about your FIL! I will definitely be praying for your family.
This next week is looking good weather wise, I will give you a call.

Heather Latimer said...

Thanks for the rice tip - you think instant rice will work? ;)

Right now, I've got the hubby using a blowdryer on it.

Thanks for the prayers for my FIL. The hardest part is knowing the B and J may be losing a grandparent so early. He has been so involved in their lives up to this point.

marathonmommy said...

Heather, I'm so sorry for the pain your family is going through. You'll be in my prayers during this difficult time.

As for the phone? I'm sorry. You just can't predict what these 13 mo. old monkeys will do next! Tell Jake to stay away from the toilet!!!

The Harner's said...

Love the story! I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I pray for a miracle for your family.

Sara said...

We are definitely praying for him daily. We love ya'll and hope Mike gets better soon. Keep us posted.

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