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Monday, March 16, 2009

Blast from the Past | frogs and faeries photography

I'm in a nostalgic mood tonight, so I thought I'd go back through sessions from the past year. In no specific order, here are some of my favorite images of you guys! Can you tell that this warm weather is having an effect on me? I can't wait to get back outside for sessions!


Can't wait to pull out the big green chair again!









I'm really diggin' this post, so I think I'll be back on more often with a Blast from the Past. Let me know if you enjoyed it!



Anonymous said...

Girl its 1:20am on Tues. Happy St. Patty's Day!! And to my suprise my sweet baby Brylee Faith is the first pic. from your blast to past!! I'm Very dedicated to frogs and faeries and check this blog a thousand times and day!!Thanks for being so talented and for being the Best Photographer in Middle Tn!

Denise Durham

Joy said...

I am particularly fond of that big green chair also and that beautiful blue eyed girl in the second one!

I can't wait to see more wonderful shots from you.

Heather Latimer said...

Thanks Denise! You are my biggest supporter. You don't know what it means to me.

Yeah, Joy, that little girl is pretty cute. I can't remember who she belongs to . . . he, he, he!

Anonymous said...

i am loving the blast from the past pictures! the picture of phillip on the bridge is my favorite picture of him EVER! thank you so much for capturing that image of my sweet little angel. we can't wait to have more sessions with you!

Beth Buckner

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