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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Client Database | Middle Tennessee Photographer {frogs and faeries}

Alrighty, everyone! I've given myself yet another thing to do (when will I stop???). I'm in need of a client database with phone numbers, addresses, emails and such. And I need your help to do this! Don't worry - I won't be selling your info to random people. Really, let's be honest - I wouldn't even know how to do that even if I wanted to! Just be aware that clients in the database will randomly receive special offers and discounts from me! Like maybe the first five clients to turn in their information. I don't know, I'm just sayin' . . .

If you'd like to be included in Frogs and Faeries Client Database, please fill out the following information and email it to heather@frogsandfaeriesphotography.com (that's right - a new professional email! Whoop whoop! I'm movin' up in the world!).

Phone Number
Email Address
Child(ren) Name(s)
Child(ren) Birthdate(s)


Heather :o)


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