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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More! | Murfreesboro Baby Photographer {frogs and faeries}

Everyone's asleep right now - my kiddos, my hubby, and the dog! Ahh, talk about peace and quite! I've been returning phone calls and emails with no interuptions - talk about nice!

I've also been working on Mason's session from Monday, and I just couldn't help but post these gems!




Ok - I am so doing a pic like this of my kiddos!

Mom and Dad - enjoy your extra sneak peak (I know - I'm awesome, right?)

Heather :)


Elizabeth said...

Oh I LOVE you!!!! I thought I would just check your site to see if by chance there were anymore up because I am so wanting to see more. And there they were. You ARE awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the one of their feet. And I will never decide on a pic of Mason. They are all so cute!!

Joy said...

the knee rolls are just great I love the feet one also

Brandi and Ray said...

Those are so good.

Brandi and Ray said...

Those are so good. I love the one of just Mason/Carter's feet. The one of him and Chuck is really good too!!!

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