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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brother and Sister | Murfreesboro Family Photography {frogs and faeries}

I'm super excited to get this blog post up. I know Mom is sweatin' bullets waiting on it. :)

Sometimes, you have sessions that are a breeze and make you wonder why you're gettin' paid to do this it's so easy. And then sometimes, you have a session that really makes you sweat. Most sessions fall somewhere in between the two extremes. Throw in a one year old and a three year old, and chances are you gonna end up workin' pretty hard! And who knows it better than me who has a brand new four year old and a 17 month old? :)

Sessions like these keep me on my toes, challenge me, and I appreciate them. And they make me proud to show the parents what wonderful images we got and just how much all of our runnin', singin', rock thowin' hard work has paid off. If it wasn't so late, Mom, I'd be giving you a call just to reassure you once again! :)

You should have seen me with this one. :) Making deals with Jack to sit next to Lil Sis and trying to keep Katelyn occupied with grass, so that I could get into position to take the shot!

Isn't she precious?

This one really makes me laugh. Jack is all boy. Notice the two big rocks in his hands? :) I had told him that he had 3 eyes, and he was quick to set me straight. See, only two eyes! :)


I love the expression on J's face here!

Looking up at Daddy . . .


And then it all comes together for an image like this . . .
I love how you can see both of their lashes.

And what a way to end the session with a sweet treat:

So, Mom, you can breathe again. Your kiddos did great!

Thank you for a fun session!



Anonymous said...

These are so good. I hope my kids do this good next week for you. BEWARE Marcie is not a people person. Come with all tricks up your sleeve. I can't wait. You have a gift girl. Mom-you should be proud!

jill said...

oh my GOSH, those are AMAZING!!! My kids are 5 and 22 months, so I TOTALLY get it, lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the silbing shot, i'd print that HUGE for my home, it's so adorable and the lashes just make it perfection! You continue to amaze me!

marathonmommy said...

I hear you, as that is what it is like at my house too with my monkeys!!! Great job! Your effort paid off big time! Love #1. Amazing.

Sandye said...

these are great! such beautiful children! I love the one w/ the boy setting you straight with how many eyes he has! too cute

Gabensysmom said...

Oh those are so precious!!! Love the ones of them in overalls!!! You did a wonderful job, it's such a hard age!

Anonymous said...

OMG the second sibling shot, adorable! You are right the lashes totally make that shot. I am attempting to take my kids out tonight for their official summer shoot, they are 2.5 and almost 4. I too have giant lollipops for the end of the session bribe, hope it works :)

Michelle Lynn said...

These are fantastic! I adore the first one.

~Amber said...

oh these are darling!!! i love the three at the end and them facing away.

Dana Jackson said...

Beautiful! I love the one of them with their backs to the camera - that would be HUGE in my house! Love it!

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