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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ben | Murfreesboro Baby Photographer { frogs and faeries }

Mom has been patiently awaiting this blog post, and I apologize for the delay. My world has been extra, super crazy this week (as opposed to the standard crazy that I live in each day). My sweet, darling, precious leeches, oops, I mean, children have been so clingy this week. Jake has to be touching me to be happy, and Brooklyn never, never, never stops talking. So needless to say, my bosses haven't been allowing me much computer time during the day!

Ben is a big six months now, and so super cute. He wasn't really feeling me too much though. But he did laugh hysterically when Daddy would beat himself over the head with a book. Thanks, Dad! I hope you don't have any bruises. :) I know Mom has been worried if we got any good ones, but I don't think any would could tell that Ben wasn't his normal happy self during his session!


I got to try out my new brown paper with Ben. I really dig it.

Love his smirk here:



Oh, and if you're wondering, Crystal has been found. ;)


Dana Jackson said...

I def. wouldn't be able to tell that he wasn't happy - you got some awesome portraits. I'm loving that brown paper - and love the processing done in the second one.

Summer said...

Sooo cute! He looks like a happy baby here! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Precious baby, Great work!!

Denise and Brylee

Marcie Blevins said...

So cute, esp love the second one :)

TheBowlingFamily said...

These are so cute! You did a great job!

Jill Hardy said...

those are wonderful! you totally can't tell he wasn't into it! Mom will surely be relieved :) beautiful work!

Melissa said...

Super cute - love all of her sly little smiles. You continue to impress me with your work - fabulously done!

Anonymous said...

I love that brown paper! He is a cutie pie for sure. Amazing how much capturing moments by the second can hide a cranky baby :)

Gabensysmom said...

Soooo adorable!! Wonderful job...what a cutie pie!

jaimiers said...

What an adorable little guy! I love all the texture in the second one, it really makes him stand out! Adorable! Great work.

Christine said...

So cute!! Love the last one...great job

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