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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Glimpse of My Future | Middle Tennessee Children's Photography {frogs and faeries}

That's right. I got a glimpse of my future with this little 5 year old. Boys are sooooooooo different from girls. I already see a lot of that around my house - more climbing, running, vroom-vrooms, etc. I thought maybe since my little man is only 17 months things will cool down in a couple of years. Ha! I don't think so! :) Collin was so full of energy and curiosity. He literally skipped or ran everywhere we went!

A still moment (one of very few!):

Popping out to scare me:

A little jumping action. Great for this age!

Aww . . . one tooth down, a whole lot more to go!

Boys love their Mamas!

Ahh! Finally, that lady with the camera let me get into the water!


Aimee said...

Oh wow, I just love the 1st and last images! Beautiful work!

Jessica said...

Oh, I love the shot with mom and the joy on his face in that last one! What a handsome guy!

Anonymous said...

These are Wonderful.....However, I am partial to this little boy AND his Mommy! Good job Heather!

Cherron McDonald said...

Cute!! My nephew is this age and he is SUCH a bundle of energy. You did a great job with the little guy.

Gabensysmom said...

So cute! That last image is SOOO great, fantastic really! Nicely done, great shoot :)

Dana Jackson said...

Of course I'm partial to boys and their moms - loved that shot! I love that you've captured the essence of this boy. Letting him jump, play hide-n-seek, playing in the creek! He's going to love it when mom mentions having portraits again!

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