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Monday, July 27, 2009

Gorgeous Red Head | McMinnville Children's Photography { frogs and faeries }

I've been waiting on this session for a few months now. When I first talked to Mom, and she told me about her red-headed daughter, you know I got excited! This crazy Tennessee weather had other plans for us though, and a session that was supposed to take place in April had to be postponed a couple of times. But, oh, how it was worth the wait! Halle and I got along fabulously, and we even got Dad into singing some Hannah Montana with us!

Mom is the owner of Tiaras and Tadpoles, a children's boutique in McMinnville. I am so excited to partner up with her. Isn't it fitting that Tiaras and Tadpoles goes right along with Frogs and Faeries??!! :) It's fate, I think!

Without anymore babbling by me, here's our cute girl:






I'll be setting up a cute display at Tiara's and Tadpoles, and I think this is the one I'm going to get in a HUGE canvas. I just can't decide whether to do it in color or bw! What do you all think?




Kristen said...

What a perfect model for some adorable clothes! And I agree, it must be fate!

Dana Jackson said...

Oh my - now that is a cute little girl! I love all the images and it seems she is loving being the model! On the last image - I almost always lean toward b/w - but in this one - It's screaming for color. You should try those new float wraps for the display!

Gabensysmom said...

What an adorable little girl!! LOVE that last image...both color and b/w...perfect! Congrats on joining up your businesses!

BiGi said...

As a redhead myself, I'm always intrigued at other little redheaded girls. She is absolutely adorable! God didn't give me a red-headed girl, but I got an awesome son that I wouldn't trade. But I would definitely claim this beautiful sweetheart of a girl! Those brown eyes and red hair are unbelievable. And as for the last image....definitely color!! As a previous noter said, I normally go for b/w, but in this instance all the colors blend so beautifully! You have to go with the color image. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I vote color!

Jaimie said...

Gorgeous girl, fantastic work! I LOVE that last shot--really, beautiful! I like both, but my vote is color!

Kim said...

Color color color!

~Amber said...

ooo she's darling!!! and look at those dresses...........

JamYoung said...

Ohhh!!! COLOR!!!

Becky Phelps said...

Definitely Color!!!

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