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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here's my sweet girl, Brylee! She is almost 10 months old and so much fun! I have known Brylee since she was an itty bitty squirt of just 10 days old. She looks just like her daddy, but acts just like Mama! Brylee is definitely my fashion diva!
I've really been in a sepia mood here lately and love it here on this image!

Too much style!

Look at those precious lashes!
One of my favorites!
I love the sweet expression on B's face here!


Elizabeth said...

Girl, I cannot wait to come see you again! Your pics are so good, makes me want to bring my boys to you every week for a photo session.

Anonymous said...

Our Beautiful Brylee, I love these pictures, You are the Best photographer ever!!! The other photographers can try to do your work but frogs and faeries always comes in 1st place!! You Rock!!!
P.S. I need to book Brylee's next session, the rate your filling up it will be next year before we can get back in with you. Love You, Denise

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness isn't she just a 'lil' darling! My favorite is the flower pot! She's just the prettiest little sunflower in the world. Lot's of hugs and kisses from Fl. we love you "monkey.. monkey"! Love Aunt Beth, Uncle Derek, Austin, and Kaleb

P.S. We love the pics and look forward to more. GREAT JOB!!

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