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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Maggie's Family

Tonight, I had a session with the best nine year old ever. She had beautiful chocolate eyes, light brown hair, and a great sense of style. She was also extremely well-behaved - sitting when told, looking at the camera when I called her name. Maggie's only flaw was that she liked to eat sticks.

Meet Maggie . . .
and Maggie's family . . .

Wonder what she was telling Maggie here . . .

Isn't Miss K beautiful? Look at those eyes!

What a gorgeous family!

I love this image of mom and daughter. Think Brooklyn will ever do it one day? :)

And for the showstopper:
My favorite image from the session. Amy - You are going to have to print this one BIG!


Joy said...

So are dogs easier to work with than kids:)

I'm glad to see you will work with dogs because I may just bring our "Jet" with us in October!

Sara said...

These are so good, Heather! I know Amy is pleased. Everyone in the family was so photogenic, even the dog!

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