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Friday, August 22, 2008


Meet Sweet Sara. Sara is 4 months old, and the tiniest thing - ok, well, this is coming from a girl whose 6 month old could already be a lineman for the Titans! She was so smiley all morning. Sara's cousin, Ashlyn, stopped by for some pics together. You all may recognize Ashlyn as I did her 3 month pictures not that long ago.

Mom really wanted this image because we did a similar one at her maternity session where her husband and son's hands were on her belly. Now here are all their hands. I love how this image turned out, and I hope you do too, Mom! Isn't it funny how a few hands intertwined can say so much about a family?
Here's Sara and her big brother, Jacob. I love this one too!
Sara and her lovie!
Sara catnapped for about 20 minutes, and we got some really awesome sleepy baby shots.
Here's Sara and Ashlyn


Elizabeth said...

They are all great! But I LOVE the hand one. I will remember that one for my October session.

Joy said...

Oh girl you make me want to have another baby just so you can do it pics when it is itty bitty.

But don't worry I just smacked myself and got that thought out of my head.

Heather Latimer said...

Ha, Joy! That's funny! Go ahead and have another baby. We can do maternity pics too! :)

Everytime I do a newborn session, I get baby fever! Then I realize how crazy things are around here with two, and reality sets back in!

But, it doesn't hurt to dream, huh?

Erica C said...

I love little Sara's facial expressions. Especially in the picture with her brother.
Too cute with her lovie.
Heather you do such a great job capturing these little moments!!

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