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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mini-session with my babies!

We got a new 52 inch tv that's mounted on our living room wall - get ready to preview your proofs on that bad boy soon! So, we need a picture of both the kiddos to sit on top of our mantle where our old tv was (well, actually still is!). When I woke up this morning and saw how cloudy it was, I knew I had to take Brooklyn and Jake out for pictures. (FYI: Overcast skies are a photographer's dream.) I fed Jake a bottle, and grabbed some peanut butter crackers for Brooklyn and hit the road. We got to Cannonsburgh around 8:30. Great, right? Nope! Obviously, Jake had other plans - like going back to sleep! My sweet baby boy who is normally all smiles wasn't havin' any of it! He would look at me, but that was all. Brooklyn was actually very cooperative, but only because she wanted to play in the creek. Hey, no problem - I'll bribe her with whatever it takes! To make a long story short, I got a few good ones of the kiddos by themselves, but not one good one of them together. I'll just have to try another day!

Even with the solemn look here, I think this is one of my favorite images of Jake. Somehow, I must get a canvas of this! Hmm . . . sell a kidney maybe?
Isn't she sweet here? She followed directions so well today!
Ok, it was at this point that I knew I had to give it up. :) :)


Tracy said...

Those pictures are great! I think Brooklyn always takes great pictures though. I LOVE the picture of Jake! Can we say WOW...you for sure need to get a canvas of it.

Joy said...

I am sure Brooklyn would have no problem with a BIG pic of just litle man up on the wall:)

I love her in the petti

So obviously you talked hubs into the tv.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the second one (of Brooklyn in the petti). I can't wait to have you take pictures of Ava in one of those - I love those in pictures! :)

Amanda Edmondson

marathonmommy said...

they are gorgeous! and it makes me feel better to know that Jake had a solemn day too, like Tyler! That pic of Jake is to die for!

Elizabeth said...

Love these! The one of Jake is awesome! Love his hat. And Brooklyn is just beautiful. I would say you cant get a bad picture of the two of them because their so adorable.

Sara said...

I can't believe how much Jake has grown since we saw him last month! He is looking more like his mommy, too! And Brooklyn looks beautiful, as usual.

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