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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Baby to Big Man

Last night (after having to reschedule twice due to unforeseen circumstances), I met up with DJ and his awesome parents. I do believe the 3rd time was the charm! His parents are so much fun - so obviously in love with each other and their little man. I was lucky enough to photograph DJ when he was just a tiny 3 month old whose head fit completely in Daddy's palm! DJ is definitely a big man now, and still has those amazing blue eyes! He may be a big man, but he is definitely NOT a fan of grass!

Mom and Dad - enjoy your preview, and I can't wait to photograph Baby #2! :) :)

I love this family portrait. I am going to work on finding a way to make the grass greener! This one could definitely be your canvas!
So, the finger in the mouth was an obvious theme of the night! I think it's cute though!

I'm really lovin' this one . . . again the finger in the mouth!

What a sweet family!

Look at those baby blues!

Daddy loves his DJ!

I'm thinking that this one here would look great on canvas too. I love the eye contact.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! That finger in the mouth is too much! Darn teething. lol Can't wait to see them all!
Thanks Heather,
Howse family

Anonymous said...

How cutie patootie!!! Heather, you did a great job!! Megan...I need some copies! Andrea

Lia Pearson said...

Beautiful shots! his eyes are amazing :)

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