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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The early bird gets the worm | Murfreesboro Newborn Photography { frogs and faeries }

I think that's probably Dustin's motto seeing as he was born over a month early! Dustin came to see me at 7 weeks old and just 6 lbs! Mom and Dad are head over heels in love with him. And why wouldn't they be? He is so cute!

Mom was a little worried that he wouldn't sleep since he tends to be a light sleeper, but I worked a little of my magic and got him to go night-night. I wasn't gonna press my luck by taking his onesie off though!

Meet Dustin. Mom said he was like this during all of his ultrasounds too!



Baby Toes

I just had to show this one. Mom joked that they should nickname him Jack Nicholas!

He just looks so tiny in Dad's hands:

In my own handcrafted wrap (can you tell I'm proud of myself?):


Cherron McDonald said...

Such a precious little guy. He looks so very sweet.

Jill Hardy said...

ok...that could be the cutest baby EVER....holy! omg, he is sweet! I LOVE that foot shot, I can almost feel the softness of his skin *swoon*

baby fever is setting in....

Keri said...

what a sweetie!! I love these...nothing cuter than a cute baby in a white onesie. :-)

Dana Jackson said...

Oh, so precious!!! I love them all - but love that first shot and love him in dad's hands - I love how it shows his size.

Melissa Lewis said...

oh so sweet....good job working your magic...the pictures are wonderful!

Melissa said...

Oh my word! Cute, cute, cute! Oh, just absolutely adoreable - fabulous captures!!!!

Summer said...

Sweet little guy! Just precious!

Stacy Laine said...

The 2nd one makes me feel warm and smile!

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