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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The eyes are the window to the soul | Murfreesboro Baby Photographer { frogs and faeries }


I think Madison Claire pretty much proves that statement to be true! She has the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes!

And another session with my favorite pink chair:

I seriously love pouty faces - and most of the time, I love them more than a big smile! Ahh! Gasp! Shocker! So, I, of course, love this image.


I knew as soon as I took this one that it would be my favorite! Add to it a little bit more dramatic processing, and BAM! One of my favorite shots of the summer!


Jill Hardy said...

oh what a little doll!!! I think my fave is the pouty one :) cute cute cute!

Joy said...

I just love love Miss MC those eyes are the best and that lovely olive skin, come on what more could a girl ask for.

Saw her Aunt G the other day and she told me she had been to see you so I had been waiting for this preview! Even though you had an awesome subject, the pictures are just so good I think they make her even cuter (if that is possible)

Dana Jackson said...

I love them all - I love how her little toes are curled in the pouty one, I love how the brown hat with the flower really make her eyes pop - I just love them. Beautiful work, Heather!

Melissa Lewis said...

GREAT shots! She is so adorable! Love the one in the chair!

Summer said...

This chair was perfect for her! Love these.

Jaimie said...

LOVE that last one! Just beautiful!

kristyn said...

How adorable!! Great shots!

Kristyn Hogan

Abril5003 said...


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