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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out of the office

I'll be out of the office from Friday, September 25 until Thursday, October 1.

All emails and calls will be returned on Thursday, October 1.

Have a great week!

And as a real treat - here's a surprise sneak peak from my newborn session today and last weekend's wedding!

Little six pounder, Beckam (awesome name!) -


And his big sister, Elyssa -

Details from the day:

And the gorgeous bride!


marathonmommy said...

ok, i love beckam's picture, and especially big sis', but i am so disappointed not to get a peek at the cornucopia!!! have a great week off!

Anonymous said...

Megan is beautiful!!!!!! I may have to get this for my canvas!! I love it!! MOM

Melissa said...

these are fabulous! love the composition on that first newborn shot!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bride!

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