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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Daddy's Wedding | Middle Tennessee Wedding Photography { frogs and faeries }

I'm so happy to finally be able to share some images I took during our weekend trip to Gatlinburg back in June for my father's wedding. I'll be honest - we kind of thought our dad would never get remarried, but then he met Theresa, and that's all she wrote! Theresa is the sweetest woman a man could ask for - she loves to cook, she's great with my kiddos (they LOVE her) and she volunteers to take my grandparents to the hospital/doctor whenever needed. I'm so happy for both of them. Thank you for asking me to document this special time in your lives. Now, I'm just waiting for the newborn pictures.

Ha! Just kidding! :o)



My favorite:

Theresa and her gorgeous daughters:

Havin' some fun with my Dad and brother:


And now for my handsome brother. It was so fun to have a grown male subject!



And my favorite of Bubba: :)

Thanks again Daddy and Theresa for being so patient with me and then finally kicking my butt in gear! :)


Gabensysmom said...

What a beautiful couple! Gorgeous wedding shots and I love the ones of your dad and your brother! Too cute ;)

Megan said...

haha how much! Congrats to your family! :)

Ketti Photography said...

Gorgeous! All of them.

KDB Photography said...

Heather these are wonderful!!!! Your dad is lucky to have a great daughter like you!

Photography by Li said...

Wow, these are beautiful! Fantastic job!! Congrats to your father and his bride.

Lindsay said...

These are absolutely lovely! Congrats all around and kudos to your brother for being such a cooperative subject! ;)

jill hardy said...

these are wonderful! congrats to the happy couple, and wonderful job!

Melissa said...

How wonderful that you could capture all of these for your father! They must be absolutely thrilled with them!!

Missy said...

These are fabulous! What a sweet couple!!

Krysten said...

These are gorgeous! What a beautiful bride!

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