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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Hot Mama!

I have had so many maternity sessions here lately, and you all know I'm lovin' it! I love hanging out with these new mamas and daddies, and of course I can't wait to meet the new babies!







Anonymous said...

Angie looked beautiful. Great Job Heather!!!You Still Rock!!


melissajackson said...

These are gorgeous and so tastefully done! This is my very best friend and her hubby, who is also a good friend. I met your friend, Denise, at Angie's babyshower as well and I saw some of your work then. You do great work. Do you mind if I add a link to you to my blog? Check it out www.melissajackson-initialdesigns.blogspot.com
I do acrylic paintings. Well, your work is wonderful and I am going to have to get you to do some pictures of my son! Take care and I'll be in touch!

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