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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday, I had a session with Eli. Back during my other life as a 5th grade teacher, I used to work with Eli's mom, so I 've had the pleasure of photographing Eli since he was a wee 8 weeks old! He still has the amazing big eyes he was born with. Eli was so much fun and kept me running everywhere!

Mama - enjoy!
We photographed Eli in this jacket at his 8 week session!!! It has his name on the back.
To get Eli to sit still, I put lots of tiny rocks on this big ole rock. Here he is in the middle of throwing all of them off!


bwtobarn said...

What a CUTIE!!! That's my BeBe!!! Aunt B

"G" said...

That "Sweet Pea" is the apple of my eye! That is MY "BeBe", Aunt B!Heather, you do a fabulous job and I am so proud of you and your work.
Love and hugs,
"G" (Mrs. Tucker)

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