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Saturday, October 25, 2008

3 month old Carter (not Hunter!) He, he, he!

Hunter had his three month session this morning. He has really changed in the 3 months since his newborn session. Check out how tiny he was then! Hunter was such a happy baby today and so much fun! Thanks again, Mom and Dad! Enjoy!



So, are you yawning yet? :)


Jason said...

Hey Heather - thanks so much for getting these up so quick. One thing though...it is Carter, not Hunter. No big deal, but I'm trying to teach him to write his own name, so I don't want to get him confused!! (j/k ha ha)


Jason & Heather

Heather Latimer said...

What's wrong with me? If I'm not calling him Carson, then it's a totally different name!!

Let's blame it on "mom"nesia!

Off to fix my blunder . . .

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