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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mini Fall Session with my Babes

After my mini session with Rex today, I took my kiddos out for a few minutes. All in all we were probably out there for less than 10 minutes. My babies were so good! Even Brooklyn was all smiles!

Baby Jake in his pumpkin hat

We all know he's still a pumpkin even without the hat!
She made me so proud!

Brooklyn wanted her picture taken in front of the "flow-was"!!


Kurt and Samantha said...

You have adorable kids, love his hat. The HUGE mums are beautiful!!

bethbuckner said...

heather, that picture of jake could win any photo contest. it looks like the cover of a magazine. those two are precious!

Elizabeth Rogers said...

Those are the best looking kids! Trust me, I know, I'm an expert!! ;) I am so impressed with that background. Keep up the good work!

Jodee said...

Your kiddo's did great...boy that Jake is a ham! So cute, both your kids are....They did great!

Joy said...

Not sure who is prettier her or the flow-was:)

He is ADORABLE as always

and you say you never get good shots of your kids!

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