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Monday, October 6, 2008

Little Men

This afternoon, I had sessions with two friends and their little boys who are only two weeks apart in age. Let me just tell ya - I definitely got a glimpse of my future! Boys are fast and furious!! This session had it all: fishing, a skunk :), a really funny comment by a two year old, and a face plant into the muddy bank of the creek. I couldn't have asked for a better time!

Meet cutie-patootie, Logan
I love the lighting in this one.
He was telling what color my eyes are here . . . my newest trick that I'm proud to say I came up with myself!! :)
Logan LOVED the creek!
Handsome Nick
Mr. Serious . . . this was early on in the session.

Nick really got into splashing around in the creek . . .

Maybe a little too much . . .

I can't quit laughing about this! This picture was actually taken after Mom had wiped most of the mud off Nick's face. It was covered. He looked like he had a mud mask on! Don't worry -Nick recovered like a champ and was off to running around in his skunk Halloween costume in no time.


Joy said...

OMG that muddy face is hillarious, I am sure mom may have not thought the same though:) I am glad to see them all in boot after the horror creek story you told me.

Callie said...

That cracks me up that he is Chrissy's kid! Haha!

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