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Thursday, October 23, 2008

"K" Family + 1

Meet the "K" family and one really cool car! This is a first for me; I've never had a client request family photos to be taken with their car. But when I was asked, I jumped at the chance. I thought it was a really cool idea! We met at the Sam Davis Home (can you believe I've never been there?!) and had a great session. Little Lane was a little slow to warm up to me, but when he did, we were fast friends. Big Brother Nick told me he couldn't believe he was having so much fun taking (ugh) pictures!

Don't hate me for posting so many! He, he, he . . .


IMG_2551 copy
Next time I see you, Nick, I want you to be able to jump into the driver's seat without opening the door, ok? :)

I love doing this pose!

And this one too!
IMG_2735v copy
This may actually be my favorite!

IMG_2696bw copy

And of course I can't post without a fun fall leaves-throwing pic!


Gabensysmom said...

So cute! These are very fun :)

The Krotulski Family said...

The pictures are awesome, Heather! I can hardly wait to see the rest! Thank you so much for being so patient with our family...we know it was hard trying to get us all to do what you wanted...at the same time! We think you are great, and we're so happy we've found you!

Elizabeth said...

Love the brother pic with them laying on the ground!
I am so jealous of your talent. :-)

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