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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quite possibly the sweetest parents-to-be I've worked with!

Today, I met the cutest couple. They were full of surprises. First, they aren't finding out the sex of the baby. Well actually, Mom isn't finding out, but Dad already knows!!! He hasn't let it slip at all! Dad was so sweet. During the shoot, he was looking at Mom, and out of no where says, "You're so pretty." OMG, how sweet! This baby, whether it's a boy or girl, is already so lucky to have two awesome people as parents.

I can't wait for the newborn pictures!


Tristan's Mommy said...

The "Quite possibly the sweetest parents-to-be".. is an UNDERSTATEMENT, this man and woman are amazing!! =) Tosha is my best friend. She's not only beautiful, she's amazingly smart, witty, and caring, She and Ben are going to be an amazing parents!!! I love her and Ben SOOOO much! Tosha and Ben are High School Sweethearts and growing stronger EVERYDAY! They are AMAZING people just alone. I have NEVER been happier for the two of them, their baby is truly a blessing!!
Further more, your photography is absolutely AMAZING!! You have a beautiful talent! I'm glad you were there to capture such amazing photos!

Christy & Tristan

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