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Friday, October 24, 2008

New contest!

Funky Chair Contest!

I'm always on the lookout for old, vintage, funky chairs to use in your sessions, but just seem to be a day late or a dollar short! So, I've decided to get you all involved! The best way to do that? A contest, of course!

The winner of the contest will receive a free spring session!


Contest Dates: Begin your hunt now! Contest will end November, 30th. At that time, I'll chose my favorite chair, and the winner will swap the chair for a spring session!

Rules: Chair can be found, bought, or dug up out of your basement. To enter, you must be willing to part with the chair. The whole point of the contest is for me to get a cool new chair!

Entry: Submit a picture of your chair to me either through my website or my email (ebrooklyn704@yahoo.com). Give a little description of your chair AND (here's the teacher coming out of me!) a short paragraph explaining why your chair should win. Creativity can boost your chances of winning!

I will announce the winner on December 1st.

Good hunting!



bethbuckner said...

i love your new contest and can't wait to see what all you end up with! i will put my grandfather on the case too. he is an antique store junkie! if there is a bargain to be found, he will find it!

Heather Latimer said...

Awesome! I can't wait either!

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